Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Using Citra-solv with National Geographic pages is a great technique for making collage papers. Paint Citra-solv to one side only of a National Geographic double-page spread, place the "wet" side face down on the the other page & rub the back a little. Use a heat gun to dry the back of the wet page and pages are ready in a minute or so. Peel the pages apart before they stick.

In the UK Citra-solv can be bought online from 21st Century Health - I get the large 32oz bottle, expensive but works out more economical in the long run.

National Geographic pages work the best because of the ink that is used in the printing process - possibly a base of gold?

Monday, 6 July 2009

Single Page Book

The final assessment piece for City & Guilds was to create a design for my chosen craft with Living Forms as the inspiration source. I decided on a handmade book from a single sheet of paper with seashells as the Living Forms (more like dead!). Photos of Tenby, Wales, were the image sources. My Canon printer can print on paper that is 21 x 56cm, which gave me scope for a book that was cut and folded to a page size of 10.5 x 14cm.

It took a few tries to get the layout correct but it worked! The images show the on-screen layout and the completed book. It was printed on thin card that had been coated with InkAid.

The quote is from the painter, Augustus John, who was born in Tenby: You may travel the world over, but you find nothing more beautiful. It is so restful, so colourful, so unspoilt.

Creative Computing

Hurrah! I've completed and passed City & Guilds Creative Computing. This was a great course for me, although I am competent in using Photoshop, I was not using it to full advantage as a design tool. I have learnt a lot of new tools... sometiems it was tricky as the course was written for Paintshop Pro users and I had to "translate" the terminology into Photoshop speak!

The montages are of Kiev, which Ivisited in April 2008. The background is pomegranates photographed in the market. In the image on the right a Ukranian newspaper was scanned and "clipped" to a large pomegranate, a cupola represents the stalk.