Monday, 10 August 2009

Image Transfer

At an Art Van Go workshop with Annette Morgan I made a fabric collage using image transfer. Firstly I tore up images from a non-glossy magazine (newsprint works as well), placed a piece of white nylon on top then brushed with acrylic matte medium. When it was dry the piece was soaked in warm water for 10 minutes or so and then the paper was rubbed off, leaving the ink adhered to the nylon.

I scanned the collage and, using Photoshop, copied a section and altered it using hue/saturation and the Cut-out filter. This image was printed onto T-shirt transfer paper and ironed to the collage. I then machine stitched it in place onto a backing of linen scrim. There was white nylon showing -- used the soldering iron to burn it back to the edges of the collage. Am quite pleased with my first attempt at this technique.

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  1. Very beautiful work! I have enjoyed looking at everything. Thanks for sharing your blog!