Thursday, 21 January 2010

Old stuff

Last April I made a set of pictures for our bedroom here in Naples. I decided to photograph them today as a means of encouraging myself to make some new work. The background is created from printed paper that has had the pattern knocked back by painting over with gold gesso, tissue paper, strips of a National Geographic magazine page that had been treated with Citra-solv and torn black paper that had been embossed with a pattern from textured wallpaper. The crumpled texture of the tissue paper has been lightly rubbed over with a gold Shiva (Markal) paintstik.


  1. Very nice! I can picture them in my bedroom, they would look perfect there. And it's a surprise to me that you used Citra Solv, I use it as a natural cleaner and love it but I didn't know about this second use. I must try it.


  2. Thanks Amanda... did you read the piece on this blog about how to use Citra-solv? JenHen