Friday, 19 March 2010

Time flies

Time flies... there has been little or no time for any creativity... or maybe this is an excuse for lack of inspiration. However, this might well change. Spent two days this week at Art Van Go taking a workshop with Ruth Issett -- Creative Paper Works. The group worked with acrylic mediums and colour to make wonderful textured papers.

The two examples here were made by 1. collaging white/neutral papers of various thickness and texture; 2. Brushing a light coat of white gesso in parts; 3. Brushing parts with acrylic varnish that had procion dye powder added for colour; 4. an ink wash using procion dyes as the ink (turquoise, lemon yellow and magenta); 5. an overall wash of magenta to integrate the colours; 6. Markal (Shiva) paintsticks rubbed over the surface; finally a light brush of acrylic wax with gold Pearl-Ex powder was lightly brushed over part of the surface in the top image -- the one at the bottom has some acrylic matte medium added in circle shapes for added texture.


  1. I like them both but especially the bottom one..

  2. I like them both - especially the top one!

  3. gorgeous colours jennifer! some beautiful designs and products - so sure there isn't a market? xx wendy